Call for Papers, Annual Conference 2018

CSPT is pleased to announce an open call for papers for its 2018 annual conference on the theme Word and Image in the Organization of Politics, to be held at Yale University on May 11-12, 2018. In this conference we would like to explore more closely how words, texts, images, and institutions function as modes of political mediation. How can forms of discourse and communication and habits of social interaction structure the practice of politics? How might they influence the dynamics of political competition, mobilization, and protest? How might they affect the mutuality and conflicts of citizenship, the making of peoples and publics, masses and classes?

We encourage submissions that (1) focus on historical and contemporary political thinkers and how they understand the relationship of language, speech, writing, media and habits of social interaction to politics and political thought; (2) analyze modes of mediation used by historical or contemporary political movements, leaders, parties; (3) directly theorize how words, texts, images, and institutions organize key aspects of political life.

Please see here for more details.